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Mandatory Director Identification Numbers are now in force
1024 503 Emma Macfarlane

From today, anyone who holds a current Director role, or who is planning on becoming a Director, must be aware of their obligations to obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN). Holding a DIN is mandatory, but there are some interim grace periods to apply for one (outlined below). What is a Director Identification Number? A…

Developer gets squat in ‘squatters’ rights’ claim over Campbelltown property
1024 683 Emma Macfarlane

It’s no secret that I’m passionate about the law, but every now and then a matter hits the media that really piques my interest. Enter: the recent NSW Supreme Court decision of Australian Retirement Holdings Pty Ltd v Tracey Anne Higgins in her capacity as administrator of the estate of the late Monica Mary Pritchard…

Can I use images from Google in my content?
1024 1020 Emma Macfarlane

Google Images can be a goldmine when it comes to locating the ideal images for your social media posts, blog articles, website content, presentations, and other documents. Many people are not aware, however, that there are copyright issues to be considered before using these images. Just because images and other content are readily available on…

When there’s no will, there’s a way – dividing your estate if you die intestate
600 600 Emma Macfarlane

Talking about death is not an easy conversation. I get it. It brings up all sorts of emotions and challenging questions. That is why many people put off estate planning or put it in the ‘too hard’ basket. It is important to have an understanding of what will happen, however, if you die without making…

A guide to appointing an Enduring Guardian
652 536 Emma Macfarlane

People are quite often confused as to why they may need to appoint both a Power of Attorney and an Enduring Guardian. There is a very important distinction in how the two function that make them both an important asset in determining how your future wishes are met. Because the Power of Attorney and Enduring…

A guide to Power of Attorney
721 484 Emma Macfarlane

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that provides a person or trustee organisation you nominate with the ability to make and implement decisions regarding your finances and assets while you are alive. Despite the use of the term ‘Attorney’ in the USA and other countries to describe a lawyer / solicitor, in this…

‘’ domain name directs users to refugee advocacy website – The importance of owning domain names related to your brand
951 608 Emma Macfarlane

The commercial significance of effective brand protection cannot be understated. Many businesses and celebrity personalities ensure that they protect their names, logos and other distinguishing brand elements. There are, however, some less obvious elements that can be easily overlooked – for instance, your domain name. If you do not take adequate steps to secure and…

Claiming on business interruption insurance during COVID-19
1024 681 Emma Macfarlane

In a win for businesses, the NSW Court of Appeal has rejected the insurance industry’s case that business interruption insurance should not cover losses incurred due to COVID-19. It’s safe to say this decision will have enormous ramifications for the industry with the floodgates set to open with claims.If you’ve suffered loss of business due…

It’s a New Year! Here are the legal changes you should be aware of for 2021.
1024 683 Emma Macfarlane

Last year involved an unusual number of legislative changes across the various states and territories, as well as federally, in response to COVID-19. 2021 has started in much the same fashion with a number of changes coming into force early this year. So, as we embark on what will hopefully be a better year for…

Changed your business during COVID? Here’s what you may not have considered with your IP.
600 600 Emma Macfarlane

We’re all adjusting to a new normal, with many businesses having re-opened following a year of bushfire, flood and of course, a pandemic. COVID-19 has undoubtedly been the biggest disrupter for businesses in 2020, generating upheaval and uncertainty with many forced to literally close their doors overnight due to lockdown restrictions. In order to continue…

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