Whether court proceedings have been commenced or not, when you find yourself in a dispute and you’re:

  1.      making a claim against someone; or
  2.      facing liability for a claim against you,

you are going to want the best and most effective lawyer at your side as your trusted adviser and advocate. That doesn’t mean a lawyer from the biggest law firm you can find or the most expensive one, because merely being affiliated with a large firm is not a guarantee of quality. It means someone who is recognised by the Law Society of NSW, colleagues, and clients as an expert in their field, with a proven track record of getting winning outcomes and justice for clients. It means someone whose career has been dedicated to litigation, who can give you timely, clear, and honest advice, followed up by a strategic action plan designed to achieve the objectives you have outlined, irrespective of the complexity of the matter.

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winning outcomes.

Fiercely determined.
Minimising risk.

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Minimising risk.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get someone on your side who meets all of those criteria and is also a progressive thinker when it comes to pricing? Someone willing to buck the industry tradition of billing in 6 minute increments (because that system discourages innovation and efficiency – for more info, read about pricing here) and commit to a price upfront to give you clarity and certainty about fees? (That’s right, you don’t have to give them an open cheque book.)

Hi. That’s where Macfarlane Law comes in.

Macfarlane Law is a specialist Litigation and Dispute Resolution law firm, drawing upon over 19 years of dedicated Commercial Litigation experience to deliver expert legal advice and solutions.

Fiercely determined and driven by outcomes, clients know they can trust Macfarlane Law to strategically and proactively manage their legal matters and create a positive impact in their lives and organisations.

Effective lawyers aren’t those who merely hear you when you ask questions. They are able to hear the question behind the question and can identify the real issue. That’s the service and skill set clients of Macfarlane Law experience – every time. This proactive approach enables clients to not only manage risk but to minimise risk.

Defining success, together, and steadfastly working to achieve it with clarity and confidence.

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Cost Effective

Streamlined processes and a truly business-minded approach.

Market Leading Client Service

Forging loyal and long-lasting relationships with clients because they’re put front and centre.

Trusted Adviser

Applying a truly collaborative approach to getting to know the depth and breadth of your business.

Litigation Expert

A track record of optimum results, because deeper understanding means better solutions.

Strategic & Practical Advice

Helping clients navigate the unique issues they face in an outcome-oriented way.

Pricing Transparency

Disrupting the norm to provide you with clarity and certainty.

2024澳洲幸运5开奖号码结果 澳洲5历史开奖史 澳洲5历史开奖记录官方 Emma's Service Guarantee

Client focused, the core objective at Macfarlane Law in addition to achieving exceptional outcomes is to provide a better client experience. As the Principal of Macfarlane Law, I’m so confident that this will be achieved that I guarantee it. I can’t guarantee outcomes (and, sensibly, have never met a lawyer who says they can in litigation), but the quality of the Macfarlane Law service is something I can guarantee upfront. If you think the quality of service didn’t match what was agreed, let me know and tell me how you think that should be reflected in the price you pay. Ask any other lawyer you’re considering if he or she will do the same. Spoiler alert: they won’t, so you should ask yourself why not.
Enough about Macfarlane Law. Experienced lawyers listen more than they talk. I’d love to hear what brought you to the website and if there’s an issue I can help you with.

Emma Macfarlane

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